Generally, we sell our products with a 1 year warranty, which you can avail of in our repair center. In many cases we provide exchange products. You can use the replacement warranty in the RIEL shop. Certain manufacturers and in certain cases RIEL also provide longer warranty periods. Below you can find a detailed description of each manufacturer.

General warranty

Comunello products come with a warranty period of 4 years.

General warranty

Dallmeier products come with a warranty period of 2 years.

General warranty

The devices come with a 2 or a 3 year warranty period depending on the product type. For solution line products this can be extended by an additional 1 or 2 years.

Replacement warranty

In certain cases RIEL provides exchange products. This means that you will get a brand new device within a few days while the product is within its warranty period. If we can't provide an identical device, we will give you a credit note for the value of your faulty device.

The warranty periods of the various products are specified below:
  Replacement warranty Repair

every fix analogue camera

every fix THD camera

DS-2CD1xxx fix IP cameras

DS-2CD2xxx fix IP cameras

every PTZ

Hi-watch PTZ cameras: HWP-xxx (warranty period: 1 year)

DS-2T thermal cameras (except for thermal sensor)

iDS-xxxx intelligent IP cameras and recorders

DS-2DPXXX PanoVu cameras

DS-2CD4/5/6/7 series IP cameras

DS-2XM mobile cameras

analóg mobile cameras

DS-2CD3 series

DS-2XC stainless cameras

DS-2XE explosion proof cameras

DS-2Z zoom cameras


DS-71xx, DS-72xx, DS-76xx, DS-77xx Recorders

(DS-77xx recorders RIEL accepts warranty replacement and the repair center repairs the device)

DVR/NVR: DS-5/6/73/8/ 9XXX series

Blazer series recorder (warranty period: 2 years)

DS-TXXX series

DS-M mobile recorders


DS-KA, DS-KB, DS-KD, DS-KH, DS-KI, DS-KM, DS-KV intercoms

DS-A power supplies (warranty period: 1 year)

DS-P alarm system

cables (warranty period: 1 year)


Access control system devices (DS-K card readers, terminals, door controls, accessories)

DS-3V and DS-3W network devices

all control units

DDS-D5xxx (screens)



DS-6 encoders and decoders

DS-D2 monitors

General warranty

Satel devices come with a warranty period of 2 or 3 years, depending on the model. Whenever possible, we replace the faulty inner parts of the device, in order to reduce repair time.
  3 years 2 years

Alarm central units

Alarm central units with GSM commuicators

Wired LED and LCD control panlels and partition managers

Expansion modules and BUS converters

ABAX and MICRA (except for outdoor units and remote controls)

Wired motion sensors (except for outdoor) and door contacts

Wired indoor sirens

Older communication modules (e.g. DT-1, IDN, MDM modems)

Radio controls, power supplies, boxes, ACCO indoor units

Monitoring stations (e.g. STAM-2 and expansions; STAM-BOX)

Other devices (e.g. ETHM-2, SM-2, SZW-02, PK-01, ZB-…, MP-1, MZ-…)

Outdoor sensors (e.g. INT-SCR-BL)

Touch panels (e.g. INT-TSI, INT-TSH, INT-TSG)

ABAX and MICRA (outdoor units) (e.g. ASP-100, ASP-105, AOD-200, APT-100, MSP-300, MPT-300)

Wired outdoor sensors (e.g. ACTIVA, OPAL), gas sensors, wired outdoor sirens

GSM/GPRS communication moduls, remote controls, ACCO outdoor devices, STAM-IRS

Other accessories (e.g. PNK-1, cables, other accessories, SPL-TO, SX6-TO)

Devices from third parties: antennas, DALLAS reader, transformers

General warranty

Siemens FC360 Cerberus FIT units come with a warranty period of 3 years. All other products come with a warranty period of 1 year.

General warranty

Vanderbilt products come with a warranty period of 3 years (except for third party units, such as batteries, HDDs).

General warranty

WD Purple (PURX, PZX) units: 3 years WD GOLD (KRYZ, FRYZ), Ultrastar (WUH) units: 5 years

Warranty procedure

You can avail of warranty by personally bringing your device to our center or by shipping it in. Please refer to the instructions on our Repair Center page.

What is excluded from warranty?

In certain cases we can't fix your device under warranty. The following cases exclude warranty repairs.
  • Incorrect operating temperature
  • Incorrect installation
  • Misuse
  • Ignoring instructions laid out in the manual
  • Incorrect storage, handling or deliberate damage
  • Water damage
  • Damage resulting from Acts of God.