We have collected and answered the most frequently asked questions that our customers ask us regarding purchase, shipping, returns or technical support.
If you ordered the wrong product by mistake and it wasn't a special solution product for your project, you can return it within 30 days of your purchase if it is in unopened, mint condition. You can find the necessary steps here.
After an unsuccessful log in attempt the site displays the reason why you couldn't log in. If neither of the solutions fixes the issue, please contact our colleagues.
  • Wrong password
    Try logging in again with the correct password or reset your password here.
  • User doesn't exist
    You registered with the wrong email address. Register agin with the correct one.
If you are able to log in, but you can't see prices or stock, it means that your account isn't active yet. In this case, you can check your account status in your Account Settings menu. One of the following may be the case.
  • You haven't confirmed your email address
    Ask for another email confirmation link to confirm your password. After confirming we will double check your account, and activate it if you fulfil our customer requirements.
  • Account inactive
    You have confirmed your email address, but we haven't activated your account. Please bear with patience. If you fulfil our customer requirements we will activate your account shortly.
If you are one of our retail partners, you can see them by ticking the box in the Account Settings menu. We recommend that you keep this box checked, and you will see the installer prices displayed next to your prices.
If your company complies with our Terms of Service, register on our website. You need to select a password and we will approve your account. After the process you are going to see your prices, stock level, and you're going to have access to basket and order functions as well.