Present General Terms and Conditions (henceforth referred to as T&C) are set out to describe the rights and obligations of RIEL Elektronikai Kft. (henceforth referred to as Provider) and the Customer entering into a contract with the Provider (henceforth referred to as Customer) either through a purchase made in the Provider’s store located at 39 Budapest, Röppentyű u. 24 or though purchases made on the website (henceforth referred to as RIEL Online Store, Client and Provider henceforth referred to as Parties). T&C applies to all transactions and services that are within the scope of the Provider’s activities.

Provider’s details:

Name: RIEL Elektronikai Kft.
Center and store location: 1139 Budapest, Röppentyű u. 24.
Registered: 1139 Budapest, Röppentyű u. 24.
Company registration number: 01-09-352985
VAT number: 12172171-2-41
EU VAT number: HU12172171

Website address:
Support: rendeles[at]

1. General provisions

The scope of this GTC covers all commercial services provided by the Provider in the EU. Purchase in the RIEL Online Store is regulated by the Electronic Commerce Services and Information Society Services Act CVIII of 2001. ("Elkertv."). Under this contract the Provider provides equal terms and conditions at its store purchases made at the RIEL Online Store, except for the applicable laws governing online stores.

The Provider reserves its wholesale activities exclusively to contracted partners, so most of the services of the RIEL Online Store are provided only to registered and contracted Customers.

2. Registration

Several elements of the RIEL Online store and the website can only be used fully after registration and signing in to the RIEL Online store.

During the registration process, a personal Account is created by entering the data required. The management of the company and personal data entered is described in the Provider’s Privacy Policy in force.

The Provider shall not liable for any damage or defect arising from the provision and / or modification of the registered data by the Customer.

Registration at the RIEL Online Store will be completed after the Customer clicks the link of approval contained in the email sent to the email address provided by the Customer. The Provider checks the verifies the contract between the Parties and then activates the Account, after which the site becomes fully usable.

By completing the registration, Customer agrees to accept electronic invoices. The Provider shall send the electronic invoice to the e-mail address specified in the Customer's registration as a digitally signed, time stamped PDF file upon receipt or delivery of the ordered goods . The Customer may freely decide about the electronic invoice as specified by law, ie, he may enter the recipient's email address or switch to a paper-based account.

Customer may cancel his / her registration at any time by sending an email to the Customer Service email address.

The Provider is obliged to cancel the registration as soon as possible, however, the Client acknowledges that the Provider is bound to store the data according to the relevant statutory obligations for the period specified therein. Once the registration is canceled, the data cannot be restored.

3. Orders

When purchasing at the RIEL Online Store, an Order is automatically created between the Customer and the Provider, which is a written electronic contract. The Provider stores these contracts in an electronic format for at least 3 years.

The confirmation of the contract is received by the Customer as an order confirmation by e-mail. The confirmation contains the Customer's details, the products ordered, their prices, the delivery time and the payment and delivery details provided during the order.

The shipping times confirmed in the order indicate the delivery time of possible collection time of the goods. These dates and times are indicative only, and aren’t guaranteed by the Provider.

The invoice for the ordered goods is generated after the goods have been shipped. For Customers who did not sign up for electronic invoice they will be attached to the package, unless the Customer indicates otherwise in the comment field when placing the order.

RIEL Online store indicates the specifications and properties of the goods on the product page and on the data sheet available for download for most products. Our customer service can provide accurate product information.

Product prices can only be seen by Customers with activated registration after sign in. The purchase price of the product is shown as discounted price. Whenever discount cannot be applied to a certain product, the purchase price is displayed as fix price. The purchase price of the product displayed after sign in is the discounted price the Customer is entitled to. No additional discount is available in addition to the purchase price. The purchase price does not include any delivery or cash on delivery costs.

Some products in the RIEL Online Store are only available while stock lasts or the price shown there is limited to the amount of stock that is displayed on the product page.

Provider will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the prices displayed. In case of obviously inaccurate prices (e.g. price significantly different from the generally known, generally accepted or estimated price of a product) or inaccurate prices caused by a system error, Provider shall not be obliged to deliver the product at the wrong price, but will offer it at the correct price, in the knowledge of which the Customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase.

The prices shown are net prices excluding VAT (VAT) due to the B2B nature of the transaction.

Product orders can only be accepted in writing - via e-mail - or through the RIEL Online store.

Products displayed with Project Products label will or may be sold on different shipping, payment or other conditions. Products labeled with this label are made with individual production. When ordering these products and placing other customized non-stock orders, the Customer expressly renounces the right of withdrawal from purchase as specified in 45/2014. (II. 26.) Government Decree 29 (1) c).

Project products are covered by general warranty conditions specified for this product range. When ordering project products and other non-stock products, the Provider reserves the right to request an advance payment from the Customer to place the order.

4. Shipping conditions

During the ordering process, the Customer may determine the shipping method. Products that are not in stock will be ready for collection or shipping after their arrival at the warehouse. Customer may request full or partial shipping of the order. When partial shipping is requested, parts fulfilled with 2 day intervals will be considered separate orders. When the order is to be collected in the store, the Provider will notify the Customer when the order is ready for collection. In the case of shipping the goods will be shipped to the address specified. Personal collection may only be done in the store (address: Röppentyű u. 24., Budapest, 1139). The Customer must collect the order ready for collection within 2 weeks after notification. Provider reserves the right to deem the order cancelled or to issue an invoice to the Customer and deliver the order.

Provider will dispatch orders for products in stock for orders placed before 1:00 pm. Orders placed after 1:00 pm will be dispatched the following workday. Two or more orders from the same Customer may be handled and packaged as a single order.

GLS is the contracted freight forwarder of the Provider, who usually delivers within Hungary the following working day. The Provider cannot influence the delivery time of the courier partner and cannot check the condition of the delivered package during the shipment, so it will not be held responsible for them.

The shipping of small packages and the cash on delivery service is free within Hungary. Bulk or pallet deliveries or deliveries outside of Hungary may be subject to shipping cost depending on destination, package size, value and weight of the order.

The Provider will make every effort to meet the deadlines specified in the confirmation. In the event of a delay, the Provider will its best notify the Customer of any delay.

Should the Provider delay more than 30 days compared to the delivery deadline specified in the confirmation, the Customer may withdraw from the order.

5. Payment

Customer and Provider will agree on payment terms, which the Customer may choose when placing an order, according to the payment terms indicated in the order process.

The order will be shipped or be made available for collection upon receipt of payment of the products and services contained in the order. Exceptions to this are Customers who have an post-payment agreement with the Provider in the form of an individual contract. In case of cash and cash on delivery, the ordered goods must be paid locally upon receipt.

In the case of a prepaid payment method, the Provider issues a proforma invoice that the Customer may use to pay for the ordered goods. The goods can be collected or will be shipped on the working day following the receipt of the amount in the Provider's bank account.

If the Customer chooses a bank card payment method, a bank or credit card whose details were entered on the RIEL Online store will be charged with the amount payable.

In post-payment purchases, the Provider issues an invoice according to the terms and conditions specified in the individual agreement with the Client, which is sent to the Customer as an electronic invoice or attached to the package.

The delivered goods will remain property of the Provider until payment for the order has been received.

The Provider will issue a request to settle debts to Customers with overdue payments. If the Customer fails to settle the debt within 3 days of the issue of the request, the Provider will change Customer’s account to prepay, bank card, cash or cash on delivery method, and will inform the Customer about the recovery of the debt through an external agency or by legal means. The Provider may take all necessary legal steps to settle the debt and may charge the Customer for all fees that occur as the result of this process.

6. Warranty

Provider specifies the warranty period applicable to each product sold. This period may be longer than that required by law.

Provider assumes the duty of providing warranty on the products sold as regulated by the Civil Code and Act 151/2003. (IX. 22.) Government Decree, which means that during the warranty period Provider is exempt from liability if it proves that the defect is due to the improper use of the product.

Warranty doesn’t cover defects arising from improper installation, unintended use, improper storage, improper handling, deliberate damage, damage from acts of God, which came about after the delivery of goods.

Customer may initiate a warranty claim with the “RMA fault reporting” form found on the RIEL Online Store download page. The form must be attached to the product returned, otherwise the Provider cannot start the product warranty process. The Provider carries out repairs at the RIEL Service located at 1139 Budapest, Röppentyű u. 24.

Provider provides replacement warranty for certain products. If the defective device proves to be operational during the test, the Provider will issue an invoice to the Customer for the exchanged device.

Provider may also pre-exchange products for certain products within the exchange warranty product range. In this case, the Customer will place an order according to the normal procedure and the Provider will deliver the replacement device. The Customer shall return the defective device to the Service Provider within 7 working days accompanied by the “RMA fault reporting” form, indicating the delivery note or invoice number on which the replacement device is included. Provider issues a credit invoice for the exchanged device. If the Customer does not indicate the delivery note or invoice number of the exchange product, the Provider will automatically replace the returned item and a credit invoice will not be issued.

Devices not covered by warranty or beyond warranty period will be handled by RIEL Service and will be repaired according to the instructions indicated on the “RMA fault reporting” form.

7. Returns/Right of withdrawal

Customer has the option of returning the ordered and purchased products, and may exercise the right of withdrawal under the terms and conditions set forth by law.

Generally, the Provider provides a 14 day return period for products purchased in the RIEL Online Store. General, entry-level products can be returned up to 30 days. All returns are subject to compliance with return conditions. Should the Customer require further information about which product falls in which category, he / she may contact the Providers customer service.

In the event of the Customer's withdrawal, the Customer must return the ordered product without undue delay, but no later than 14 days from the date of submitting the “RMA fault reporting” form to the RIEL Store (1139 Budapest, Röppentyű u. 24.).

The Customer expressly waives the right of withdrawal in accordance with 45/2014. (II. 26.) Government Decree 29 (1) with special regard to the following cases:
- The product is custom-made or custom-made, not from stock
- The product is faulty and it doesn’t fall under in any category listed in the warranty terms; the fault is the direct result of the events listed therein
- The product is damaged or scratched
- The product is marked, labelled or is incomplete
- The product hasn’t been reset to its default settings (default password and parameters)

Single item products will be credited at their original purchase price, group returns will be evaluated in a case-by-case manner.

The Provider is obliged to credit the Customer within 14 days after returning the goods. In every case, the Provider will credit the Customer via bank transfer. When exercising the right of withdrawal, the product will be returned at the Customer’s expense. In the event of withdrawal, the Provider is entitled to reimbursement from the Customer for any damage resulting from the improper use of the products.

In cases not covered by the right of withdrawal, the Provider is entitled to return the products at the Customer’s expense.

8. Other Provisions

The Provider is entitled to unilaterally amend the terms of the T&C at any time. Provider will inform Customers about the modifications via the RIEL Online Store. After modification, the use of the website is subject to the Customer accepting though the website in the way provided therein.

9. Information about the availability and functioning of the internal whistleblowing system

1. The Employer's internal whistleblowing system is operated by Ilona Asztalos (hereinafter referred to as the "Operator")

2. Reports are received at the following channels of the Operator:
In person: at the headquarters of RIEL Elektronikai Kft., at Röppentyű utca 24, 1139 Budapest, Hungary, on working days from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., at a pre-arranged time
By mail to RIEL Elektronikai Kft, at 1139 Budapest, Röppentyű utca 24.
By phone: +36 20 510 1454 (The telephone conversation will not be recorded)
By e-mail: bejelentes[at]

3. Information on the operation of the Employer's internal whistleblowing system is available on the company's website

4. The hungarian Whistleblower Directive applies to the submission of complaints.

Updated: Budapest, 11 December 2023